Environmental Focus

We are committed to ensuring that the environmental impacts associated with our business activities are at an absolute minimum. We fully endorse the principles of sustainability and strive to improve the environment in which we operate. Our overall aim is to comply with legislation, prevent pollution and continuously improve the company's environmental performance.

We are a market leader in the environmental field, with decades of experience in dealing with green technology and continue to be a driving force in the industry today; delivering one of the first carbon neutral sites in the City of London. Many of our own employees have benefited from our focus on sustainability and have embraced the company's ethos of helping others; they have developed personal motivation to involve themselves in local sustainability events. Our Management Team is wholly supportive of employees' activities in this area and also welcomes the opportunity to engage directly in such events where possible.


We are immensely proud of our apprenticeship scheme, which currently accounts for 5% of our total workforce, and in 2018 were shortlisted for a CIBSE Award in Learning and Development based on our scheme.

Our target is to have a minimum of one apprentice per ten to fifteen engineers out in the field, and one office apprentice for every five office-based administrators.

We currently recruit one to two local apprentices per year. Our aim is to build on this as we move forward, especially within our London Office where it is important to support the youth of the local communities we work in.

Our retention rate for keeping on our apprentices once they qualify is extremely high, which is not only a testament to the scheme we have set up but also excellent for our business - as we are able to shape the next generation of engineers at Birchall.

"I joined Birchall over three years ago after doing a small amount of work experience within the company. I enjoyed the atmosphere and team spirit so much that I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I feel that Birchall is extremely supportive to every employee regardless if they're a Senior Manager or an Apprentice."
Matthew Lengthorn, Apprentice Scheme Graduate

Charitable Support

Giving back in any way we can has been important to Birchall from the day it was started. We organise at least one company wide charity day a year, as well as supporting any individual charity efforts which any of our employees undertake - which have ranged from bake sales to half marathons to climbing Kilimanjaro!

Here are just some of the charities that Birchall have supported in recent years.